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    Product Specifications and Warranty

    Are there any parts that need periodic replacement?

    The AquaPure is a one-time investment that is built to last. There are no expensive filters or other parts that need to be replaced.

    Is there a warranty on the AquaPure?

    Yes, there is a 12-month warranty included with every AquaPure.

    Is the charger included?

    Yes, the magnetic charging cable is included in your package.

    What type of plug is the charger? EU/US

    The charger included has a USB connector. That means that you can charge your AquaPure with any of the electronic charging plugs you have in your house. Your phone charger, for example!

    What are the dimensions of the AquaPure device?

    100 * 50 millimeters / 3.94 x 1.97 inches

    Is the AquaPure BPA and PVC free?

    Yes, the AquaPure is 100% BPA and PVC free.

    Shipping and Payment info

    How long will it take for my package to arrive?

    Our team is working around the clock with the manufacturer and logistics partners to send everyone their units as fast as possible. With that said, as we are still in early-bird stage there can be slight delays. You can expect your parcel to arrive within 3 to 5 days for orders in the USA. Other countries will be delivered within 5 - 12 business days after dispatch.

    What is your return-policy?

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 90 days and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one. Note that the customer is financially responsible for all costs associated with the return of the product.

    Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes, we cover all shipping costs. 

    Customer Concerns

    Is AquaPure available on other platforms?

    The only place where you can purchase a genuine AquaPure - Produce Purifier today is from our website, ourofficial Amazon store and BestBuy (CA).

    You may come across imitation versions of our brand from various sources (that is difficult to avoid when our brand grows popular). Our patent attorney team is working hard to make sure that all the counterfeits on the market are removed, but it takes time!

    Your AquaPure goes through extensive quality control before it's delivered, to confirm that it is up to standard with quality and lab-test results. Besides that, the AquaPure is guaranteed waterproof, PVC & BPA free.

    We stand behind our patented technology and offer a 90-day trial, PLUS 1-year warranty for your AquaPure.

    If you come across counterfeits of the AquaPure online, please note that even if the design looks similar, the safety standards of the materials might not be up to standard and the effectiveness of the device might never been tested in a certified lab. So we highly recommend you to play it safe, and only buy from our trusted sources!

    Below are the links to get your trusted and vetted AquaPure today:


    Official Amazon (Sold by AquaPure_Official)

    Amazon Store (Canada): (Sold by AquaPure_Official)

    BestBuy: (sold by AquaPure)

    P.S. AquaPure will be available soon on, Wayfair and Walmart! Stay tuned…

    How often should I clean the AquaPure?

    For optimal cleaning results, we recommend giving your AquaPure a quick rinse after every use. 

    Can I use the AquaPure in my sink?

    Absolutely! But make sure you give your sink a proper wash beforehand to achieve the best results possible.

    Is one purification cycle enough?

    If you prefer to purify all your fruits and vegetables simultaneously, we recommend adding a cleaning cycle to your process. 

    Our recommendations for optimal cleaning results are as follows:

    1 to 3 liters of water: One cleaning cycle
    4 to 6 liters of water: Two cleaning cycles
    7 liters of water or more: Three cleaning cycles

    To start a new cycle, simply click the ON button once again.

    My AquaPure isn't bubbling?

    If you can not see any bubbles rising from your AquaPure, turn the device off and remove it from your water container. Turn the upper cover counterclockwise to the unlock position by rotating the handle. When the upper cover is removed, turn the nut on the inner electrolyte components clockwise to tighten them. This should solve the issue immediately.

    Can I drink the elecrolyzed water?

    We do not recommend under any circumstances that you use the purified water as a source for clean drinking water.

    How many times can I use my AquaPure before it needs to be recharged?

    The device will need to be recharged every two to three weeks, if used daily. 

    How do I charge my AquaPure?

    Use the magnetic cable you get in your AquaPure box. Hold the cable from the right-side angle close to the charging port on the AquaPure and you'll notice that it just snaps into place! Simple as that.

    How do I clean my AquaPure?

    After daily use we recommend to quickly rinse the AquaPure for a few seconds with the top removed. And once a month fully remove the electrolysis membrane and check for dirt and rinse.

    Once per month.

    Do you have certified lab test results?

    We are rigorously testing countless different germs & chemicals. This does take some time as all tests are to be at an international recognized standard for lab tests. 

    Below are the AquaPure results of the Bacteria E. Coli:

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