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    Make a review video 

    Win a year free fruitS


    • 1.


      Film a video of yourself reviewing the AquaPure (See requirements below)

    • 2. 


      When you have filmed your review video - you can simply upload it HERE
      *No editing required

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      AND THAT'S IT!

      By uploading your video, you automatically enter our prize raffle! 
      All submitted videos have a chance to win one of our many prizes.

      *Our favorite review videos will compete for the top prize, One Year Free Fruits!

    Our Prizes

    3x AquaPure 

    3X Veggie Washer

    One lucky contestant wins our AquaPure Family Pack with 3x AquaPures and 3x Veggie Washers!


    The best and most creative review video
    will be rewarded with a full
    year of free fruit! 

    Value: $1825 USD

    10x AquaPure

    All submitted review videos enters our raffle with a chance to win one of our
     10 AquaPure giveaways!




    • Film yourself talking about your AquaPure (Selfie)

    • Mention at least 1 thing that you like about the AquaPure

    • Mention a benefit you have experienced with the AquaPure

    • Film the before and after results of purifying your fruits or vegetables.

    *For a chance to win the AquaPure Family Pack, your video must meet all these video requirements.


    • What would you say to another person about the AquaPure and what it has done for you?

    • What would you say to someone who is on the fence about getting an AquaPure?

    • What would you say to another person about the benefits of owning an AquaPure?

    • How often are you using your AquaPure?

    *All submitted videos automatically enters our raffle with the chance to win one or more of our prizes. 



    How Long Should My Review Video Be?

    There are no video length requirements for your review, but ideally the video should be between 15 seconds to 180 seconds. 

    *Note that your video must include our "Video Requirements" for a chance to win the AquaPure Family Pack

    Do I Need To Know Video Editing?

    Not at all!
    There is no editing skills required. Just press play on your phone camera and start filming!

    No subtitles, logos, editing or cutting is necessary - so you can just upload the video(s) directly after filming.
    If you have 1 video where you film yourself with the AquaPure, and another video where you filmed the results of the purification process, you can upload both videos as separate video files.

    I Want To Make A Nice Looking Video, What Should I do?

    If you want to create a high-quality video, here is a few tips:

    1. Lighting.
    Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a finished professional video, so use as much lighting as possible. (Natural light is always better)

    2. Sound
    Make sure there is no noise in the background, and talk loud and clear to the camera.

    3. Plan Your Video
    Write down what you would like to say, and go over what you would like to say. The review should be real and authentic, but it can help to prepare your lines a time or two before filming. 

    4. Don't Overthink
    Don't overthink the video review, and try to make the filming as natural as possible. Filming your review as a selfie video is more than enough!

    I Want To Join The Contest, But I Don't Like Being In front Of The Camera -  What Do I Do?

    You can ask a friend or a family member to film the video together with you, the more the merrier!

    If you're not comfortable being in front of the camera at all, you can always get someone else to be the subject of your review video. Just remember to submit your review with the same email address you used to order your AquaPure.

    Can I submit more than one video?

    Yes, you are allowed to submit multiple videos to increase your chances!

    How Will I Know If I Won?

    All our winners will be announced via our social media platforms. Make sure to follow at least one of our social media accounts to find out if you won!

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