Can Eating Veggies Make You Unhealthy? This Genius New Kitchen-Gadget Removes Up To 99.9% of Pesticides & Bacteria From Produce

By Hanna Miller | June 14, 2022

“Outstanding Cleaning! My fruits taste much better and without after taste!” — Larah K.

Traditional Fruit & Veggie Cleaners:
Ineffective And Potentially Harmful?

Most produce cleaners are often ineffective and could be doing more harm than you think. Many commonly used sprays and solutions were never designed to remove the types of contaminants found on fruits and vegetables today. 

For instance, many produce cleaners rely on Triclosan which is a known endocrine disruptor, meaning it can interfere with the body's hormone levels.1 Triclosan has also shown to be ineffective against pesticides, E. coli, and other common foodborne pathogens.

As a result, every time you use a food cleaning product, you could be exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemical compounds. This is why the FDA doesn’t recommend any of the produce washes you can find on the market today.2

So What About Water?

A common thought is that washing our food with water does a sufficient job of removing pesticides and bacteria. We all assume that we are eating clean and healthy produce… but in a 2019 study, it was found that many pesticides are actually hydrophobic.3 Which means that they can repel water…

So if water doesn’t do an effective job of removing pesticides and we can’t trust the chemicals in commercial produce washes, what can be done?

What if there was a specially designed produce cleaner that removes bacteria and pesticides without the use of any harsh chemicals?

Stop Washing Your Produce With Just Tap Water Or Damaging Sprays…

Active Ions Help Break Down Pesticides And Bacteria

One-time Purchase -  No Expensive Filters

Improves The Flavor Of
Fruits And Vegetables

Stays Clean and Extends Lifetime Of Produce

Patented Waterproof Electrolysis Design 

Save Time Bulk-Washing Your Produce

The AquaPure is a breakthrough cleaning device that naturally removes up to 99% of pesticides and bacteria from your food in just 5 minutes.

By combining regular tap water and a small amount of salt, the AquaPure is able to create a powerful cleaning solution that removes pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants. With the AquaPure, you won’t ever have to worry about eating harsh chemicals and dirty produce again. 

Try it for yourself! We are confident that you will see and feel significant improvements in your produce.

Thousands of people around the world are moving away from traditional produce cleaners and jumping on this innovative new solution.

But fair warning: the word about the AquaPure Purifier is spreading like wildfire and many customers are buying in bundles. We strongly suggest you order now, before we completely sell out again.

So How Does it Work?

Electrolysis is a well-established process that allows an electrical current to flow through water and produce a chemical change.

This technology has been used commercially for decades but with a hefty price tag, up to tens of thousands of dollars. Until a recent breakthrough discovery was made...

AquaPure has for the first time ever fitted this technology in a small portable device that is powerful enough to break the molecular bonds of harmful pesticides and bacteria, all with 2 simple household ingredients...

Water and salt.

By doing this, the AquaPure is able to clean fresh produce without stripping away vital nutrients, leaving your food tasting amazing and natural. The way nature intended.

They Feel Cleaner, Look Fresher, & Last Longer Than Unwashed Produce

To feel lighter and more energetic, clean produce is a must. Fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and other chemicals will help you feel more satisfied and ready to attack the day.

Many of our customers have even told us that their appetite for fresh produce has increased since using the AquaPure! This is because without contaminants, your fruits and vegetables are able to retain their natural flavor and freshness.

What can be better than eating more healthy food?

By simply turning on the device and soaking your fruits in the solution for 5 minutes, you will visibly see the germs being dissipated. Your produce will be fresh and will last longer putting more money back in your pocket.

Moreover, unlike traditional produce washes, AquaPures' unique mechanism does not involve any harsh chemicals that stick to your food, meaning your food will be free of any weird odors or aftertastes.

Here’s What Satisfied AquaPure Customers Had To Say:

Don’t take it from us:

"I love Aquapure! I have used various fruit and veggie sprays over the years to clean produce but I'm realizing now that none of those gave me as much confidence in the cleanliness of our food as the Aquapure does. Highly recommend this product!"
 — Kylie W.

"I've been seeing products similar to Aquapure and I've always been curious about it. Ordering the product was easy and simple. Shipping was also quick and I had no issues with tracking the product until it got to my home. The packaging was simple and the instructions were easy to read.

When using the product, it was a simple push of a button and into the water it went with the produce needing to be cleaned. The run time was 5 minutes which passed by quickly. I'll be honest, I was surprised to find particles floating in the water and that's how I knew that this product works. 
After using it, it was easy to disassemble and clean. Great product!"

 — Melody M.

"Aquapure is a wonderful product! It works exactly as described. Leaving our fruit and vegetables much cleaner than my previous fruit and veggie cleaner. I also love the size of this product, it can be stored away very easily without taking up much space."
 — Dani B.

How Does An AquaPure Wash Compare To Regular Produce Washing?

Other Methods

  • One-time purchase with no recurring costs

  • Multiple refills required, leading to huge lifetime costs

  • No harsh chemicals involved

  • Many unexpected & potentially toxic chemicals

  • No odor or aftertaste

  • Weird bitter and vinegar-like aftertaste

  • Professionally recommended to clean produce

  • Advised against by FDA

  • Lab tested and verified

  • Lack of sufficient testing

  • Eco-friendly

  • Non-biodegradable plastic bottles

  • Saves water

  • Increased water usage

The edible skins on my produce feel smoother without any wax or dirt on them and the water gets pretty gross even after having given the produce a standard rinse/wash.

What completely surprised me is how much more flavorful my produce tastes after cleaning with AquaPure. Everything I have cleansed: berries, peaches, nectarines, zucchini, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and even the "ready-to-go" lettuce in the bags and clamshell containers, taste better after cleansing with the AquaPure! That was completely unexpected but an absolute game changer!!

I have also noticed that my produce tends to last longer after running it through the 5-minute cycle. That saves me money in the long run.

Clean-up of the AquaPure is a simple one-minute process: mildly disassemble (two parts), rinse, and air dry. Reassembly takes one minute. Charging the device takes about an hour (comes charged enough to do at least 3 cycles right out of the box), and honestly, I'm not sure how long that charge lasts because I've had mine a few weeks and it's still going off the first charge!!

I absolutely love this little device and it is worth every cent.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to take your health seriously... if you want to keep you and your family away from harmful pesticides… if you want to sleep, feel and live better… The AquaPure is a truly unique, innovative and simple solution. I highly recommend it.

How To Try The AquaPure Produce Purifier, Risk-Free, Today

The AquaPure is not available in stores and can only be found online through the link on this page.

Now that you’ve discovered how to keep your produce clean and free from harmful contaminants, follow these steps to get yours today:

  1. Visit AquaPure's official website 
  2. Place an order for your AquaPure
  3. Never eat dirty produce EVER again.

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